Pretty Patterned Piles

Fabric from left to right: Eva in Desert Sky, Leah Duncan / Cocoons in Bone, Parson Grey / Wall Flower in Cherry, Amy Butler

Too much fabric. Not enough time. I distinctly remember writing about how I tried not to hoard fabric, and here I am, hoarding fabric. It’s just, I have the best intentions, and I had projects in mind for these fabrics when I bought them six months ago. Still, here they sit, unfolded and unsewn because I have no time to sit and play.

That fabric on the far left, by Leah Duncan, is my current favorite. I thought I wanted to make a dress out of it, but it’s pretty loud, so I think I’ll make a full skirt using Gertie’s tutorial. Wouldn’t that be fun for the sumer? Is it still technically summer in August? Maybe I’ll have it finished by then.

The middle fabric, made by Amy Butler’s husband David, was supposed to magically turn into a pair of curtains. Nope, no curtains. I’m just too afraid to cut into it because I don’t know if we’ll be living here a year from now. I’m sure Mr. Butler wouldn’t want me to degrade his beautiful work on a rental window. Instead, his fabric can live in a box untouched until we move into forever home some time in 2026.

That Amy Butler fabric was a complete impulse purchase from Sewn Studio in Cincinnati. It was the first time I’d seen it in person, and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t buy a couple of yards while I was there. I think I want to make a seat cushion for my sewing chair. See how the fabric matches my cute Anthropologie button drawer-pulls? I’m obsessed.

I hope you’re having more sewing success than I am. I’ll leave you with a photo of my sweet Charlie. He doesn’t mind if I don’t get any thing done. In fact, he’d probably prefer it that way. Have a wonderful week! —Emily 

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warmest wishes and a little change

Hello!  Things look a little different around here…after months of planning and saving, I made a big  switch and I’m really happy to be in the land of WordPress. Things will probably  change seventy-five more times before they’re “done,” but I’m really happy with the updates.

Right now, it’s 31° here in Dayton, but on Wednesday it’s supposed to be 60°. Womp womp. Winter’s over, and all I have to show for it is snow boots I didn’t  wear nearly enough to warrant their price.

I knew I’d be disappointed if I didn’t share our holiday card from a few months ago, so just pretend like you’re reading this in January, not mid-March. I feel the need to explain that while I’m normally a punctual Christmas card sender, my whole idea hinged on S-N-O-W and a general sense of winter wonderland-ness. Well, we didn’t get any snow until January, so my Christmas card magically transformed into a New Year card.  My first winter in the Midwest and we get nothin’.  C’est la vie.

Dave and I actually had a lot of  fun taking these photos, and our poor dogs cooperated.

I hope you’re  having a wonderful winter and staying warm where you are! —Emily


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Julie - This is one of my favorite creations of yours! I still have the card up! ALSO, I realized when we received your card…I should’ve had YOU make Lucie’s announcement! It would’ve been SO much better than the one we sent…lessons learned. You’ll have to make her 1st bday invitation! :)

admin - Ju! Yay! I’ll pencil you in…December 15, 2012.

Small Scale

My best friend is due with her first child in December, and I JUST. CAN’T. WAIT to meet that little baby! When she told me back in May, I (appropriately) sobbed with joy and started searching right away for the perfect fabric for a baby quilt.  She and her husband chose not to find out the sex of the baby, so I sort of  had to hunt to find some fabric that was appropriate for both boys and girls. Also, I wanted to avoid anything that screamed “BABY!” because I want this quilt to be used for a long time.

It can be difficult to find an etsy seller who is willing to create a custom fat quarter bundle, so I have to say thank you to Lela of Cedar House Fabrics for working with me to create this quilt. All of the fabric is designed by Cloud 9 and is a combination of five different collections.

Also, I’d like to add that making small quilts is exactly one grillion times easier and more satisfying than making larger quilts. A 55 x 55 inch square?!  Sure! No problem. I’ll make 20 more. I think I sewed the top together in one day and hand sewed the binding over the course of three days.

This was the first time I handmade my binding and it was surprisingly pretty painless. Plus, it looks so cute! When it came time to attach it, I used this trusty tutorial, and conveniently, Melissa Esplin posted a helpful video about adding thread seamlessly, which is a technique I didn’t know existed. So much less swearing.

Sweet baby M, you are so loved!  We can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks!

Update: “baby M,” now known as Lucie, made her debut on December 15, 2011! She is chubby and squawky and wonderful, just a baby should be. To learn more about sweet Lucie and her beautiful parents, click here!

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Melissa | I Still Love You - That is one gorgeous quilt! That baby is so loved. You know he/she will drag that thing around and cry when it gets lost.

I’m so glad that my thread tutorial was able to help you out!!

Round on the End and High in the Middle


Note: If you watch Glee, I was also tempted to start this post with, “Brittany, what’s the capital of Ohio?”

That’s where I am now. We made the drive from San Antonio nearly eight weeks ago, and despite everyone’s opinions about living in Dayton (picture a scrunched up nose followed by “eeewwww”), we’re really happy here. It’s so  nice to be surrounded by so much greenery after struggling through a drought in Texas…even if there are way more bugs and creatures around here.  By that, I mean we have a groundhog/woodchuck/marmot that lives under our deck and torments our dogs on a daily basis. Also, we have an albino squirrel that frolics around these parts. Speaking of parts, we can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl, so we decided to name it “Pat the White Squirrel” and later shortened its name to “Albie.”  In a moment of unchecked chattiness, I told my neighbor we named said squirrel, and now I’m worried he thinks I’m a little  strange. Mind you, this pretty much all he knows about me. Otherwise he would definitely think I’m normal.  Which I totally am. Luckily, I have 17 months to change his opinion.

Anyway, enough about my white squirrel. The photos below are just a random assortment of adventures in Cincinnati (I can finally spell it!), Columbus, and Dayton.

These iPhone photos were taken at the Senate Pub in Cincinnati. I think that pretty pink drink was a special because I don’t see it on the menu. That glorious thing with the avocados on it?!  A hot dog.  The “Pat Sayjak” hot dog. We also got duck fat fries and truffle oil fries.  My palate must not be very refined because I didn’t like the truffle oil.  Plus, I eat hot dogs named after game show hosts.  Have I ever mentioned that my life goal at 17 was to be the next Vanna White?
These photos are from a day trip we took to Columbus. Jeni’s is famous for its outlandish, albeit amazingly delicious ice cream flavors.  Plus, isn’t their tagline the cutest?!
That’s my bundt. I’ve never made a bundt cake in my life and I’m trying to relish my time sans employment.  Plus, Baked Bree posted this recipe just yesterday, and it must have struck my fancy, because I got all excited and bought myself a bundt pan. I really just wanted to type “bundt” again. Oh yeah,  and that red background?  Our 1960′s countertops. Jealous?
Of course, I had to make moving announcements. I apologize to all my friends who are sick of receiving things in the mail from me. You wont hurt my feelings (too much) if you tell me to stop sending you stuff.  The kraft paper came from my beloved Paper Source, and I used their A2 kraft envelopes. These were just tiny little notes…the perfect size for this type of project. The fonts I used were Honey Script, Bebas Neue, League Gothic and DingMaps (for that Ohio silhouette). If you’re a friend and you don’t have our new address, let me know and I’ll be happy to pass it along.
Thanks so much for reading!  Any tips for new places to explore between Cincinnati and Columbus? I have a list that’s growing longer and longer… it’s so fun to explore new parts of the country. Thanks for that, Uncle Sam!
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Cathie - This blog is gorgeous. Funny about Vanna White. Lol